From Generative Anthropology
What is GA's relationship to philosophy?

GA understands metaphysics as predicated on the belief that the declarative is the primary linguistic form. Generative anthropologists, on the other hand, understand the declarative as the final development of language form, coming only after the ostensive, imperative, and interrogative. Some non-metaphysical philosophy, however, can interface with GA, although the relationship is not guaranteed to be symbiotic.

What is GA's relationship to religious belief and theology?

GA recognizes that even the most secular "hard sciences" are rooted in the same linguistic dialectics as theology. GA itself makes no cosmological arguments, as those arguments most often end up in the realm of metaphysics, which GA rejects. This rejection of metaphysics is not a negation, instead a recognition of the limits of what we can do within language. This means that GA can be adopted by both the religious and the secular.

I'm having trouble understanding GA. Are there any discussion groups or learning communities?