From Generative Anthropology

Anthropomorphics refers to an originary grammar of the center. It focuses on the speech modes (ostensive, imperative, declarative) and a small set of invariant concepts such as “center” and “deferral”. Anthropomorphics operates from the perspective that all the terminology in Generative Anthropology can be reduced to these core concepts, which are repeated, expanded and made complex in innumerable ways. The goal of Anthropomorphics is to re-define many concepts from GA as articulations of the various speech modes.


Anthropomorphics begins with Generative Anthropology's derivation of successive speech forms in the Origin of Language but unlike Gans' GA, it more rigorously orients the vocabulary around the center. Anthropomorphics is developed in a book with the same title by Dennis Bouvard and his substack.


Anthropomorphics reveals that speaking in terms of the imperatives we are conveying, or hearing, from the center, when discussing declarative sentences and discourse, yields insights unavailable when following more conventional imperatives to speak about sentences and discourses in terms of meanings packaged by one mind for others according to specific explicit and tacit rules.